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Thank you for choosing Tidjoori. Tidjoori offers you a variety of meatless products which can be used as a snack or to complete your meal. Our products are made from the best Soya and grains that are available today. Our products do not contain genetically altered products and all the grains we use are from controlled organic farming. Due to the contents of our products many of them are low in cholesterol and some even cholesterol free. Choosing Tidjoori means choosing the best and putting your health in the first place.

Meatless Burgers

Try our meatless burgers, rich in protein, filled with fiber, lactose free, low in cholesterol and some are even cholesterol free. A healthy alternative for meat if you are a Vegetarian, Vegan or if you are planning a meatless day. Our burgers can be easily prepared by frying or they can also be baked in the oven. They can be eaten on a bun as a burger or with rice, pasta or salad. Be sure to try our smoked sausage stick which is an energy filled protein snack which can be eaten straight from the package and does not require cooking.

Vegetable Pates

Our Vegetable Pates may be imitated but can never be copied. Made with the nest grains and Vegetables. Our Pates contain unsaturated non-hydrogenated vegetable fats, which, means that they do not contain cholesterol or any fat, which may be harmful for the human body. The combination of soya and grains is a great source of protein. Ideal on a sandwich, as an appetizer, in salads or as an ingredient in your vegetarian meal. Choose from any of our various flavors and savor the fine taste and texture.

Vegetable Meat Rolls

Our Vegetable meat rolls can all be consumed without cooking. Made from peanuts and available in four savory flavors. A sandwich alternative that kids will enjoy. You may choose to fry it and serve with rice, pasta or salad. You may also choose to add it to your favorite sauce. A great party snack and a healthy appetizer.