About Us


K2K was established in late 2009 by a team of experienced professionals in the fresh produce business. Since then we have been able to supply the entire chain with our products throughout the year. K2K was established with a main goal of filling the then existing gap in the market. Among our customers are major Supermarkets, Discounters, Distributors and even many small retailers throughout continental Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland. K2K boasts of having its own farms in major countries in South America and Asia making the distance between farmer and consumer much shorter and easier to trace.

We take quality serious and it is one of our main concerns in K2K. All our farms are *Eurepgap* certified and their warehouses are *HACCP/BRC/IFS*certified. Our customers are always ensured that this aspect is taken seriously. We can offer you spray reports upon request. As an added service, we often test our arrivals at a certified lab here in the Netherlands.