Our Rice


We are certified suppliers of Indian Basmati Rice. Our rice comes from the most fertile grounds in India which gives our rice the superb texture and taste which it possesses. We have a wide variety of Basmati rice and certainly one of them will soon become your favorite. Due to the quality of our rice the grains can achieve up to 22mm after cooking.

We also supply a special Nutritious brown rice which fits in the diet of diabetics and other people that are not allowed to have a high carbohydrate intake. Our rice is available in 1kg, 2,5kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25kg packages. Larger quantities are also available. Contact as for a quotation per metric ton.

Rice Varieties

  • Basmati steamed
  • Creamy Basmati
  • Basmati Golden
  • Traditional Basmati
  • Raw Gold